Does the idea of a creating and maintaining a budget make you break out in a sweat? Are you running a home or small business and not sure how to keep your financial records? Do you control your money or does it control you? Would you rather enjoy your weekends and have someone else analyze and watch over your expenses and spending and report back to you? Do you need to spend more time on your business and less time on the books?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then help is on the way for you! The Budget Coach provides a unique service for small businesses and individuals to get and keep their finances in shape. This new service offers professional help for your small business and personal finances. The Budget Coach, Mary Ellen Regele, head coach, has successfully managed business and personal budgets for over 20 years. The Budget Coach works with you to develop a personal plan, using simplified business approaches. Best of all, you are provided with coaching on a weekly or monthly basis to keep you on track. The coaching is what makes this service so valuable. Small business need to have their bills and invoices in order to keep a cash flow. Families may set up budgets with good intentions, however without the support and coaching part, many fail. It is much like going on a diet without regular support and coaching from an outside source.

Small and home based business owners are great in their expertise; however, few can also manage the bookkeeping side of the operation. The Budget Coach can set up and maintain cash flow, invoicing, bill paying, set up a third party payroll, keep tax and capital records, and much more. Go ahead and concentrate on your business, The Budget Coach will manage your finances. You will get monthly reports and recommendations to help you to achieve your true potential.
Most people would not think of taking a trip without some sort of plan or map, yet many individuals and families go about their financial journey without a clear plan. The Budget Coach will guide you through the initial set up of your budget, as well as coach you each month to keep your finances fit and work towards your goals. The Budget Coach will work with you to analyze your spending and help to identify the needs and wants of your financial future. You will be secure in knowing you are in control of your money.

Many small businesses and households are in need of a budget tool to help in tracking expenses as well as planning for future expenses. Software programs for money management can be difficult to understand and take up your valuable time with data entry and are cumbersome in analyzing information relevant to your weekly needs. Often they track expenses and offer no help in planning for emergencies or future spending needs. They are good as a checkbook, but not much else.

If you feel as though you make a sufficient income, yet have nothing to show for it, then you need to meet with the coach. The Budget Coach will set up a personal and confidential conference with you to provide an easy to read annual and monthly budget. The Budget Coach will provide monthly reports and coaching to guide you through to your goals. Simple and clear coach’s reports will help you gain your financial freedom.

The Budget Coach takes this timely task and makes it simple and manageable. You will have time and finances to enjoy your weekends with the activities you choose. No more guessing if you can afford something. You will start saving and prepare for your future. You will be in control of your finances.
It’s time to meet with the Budget Coach! Call or email the Budget Coach now!

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