Are you ready for an emergency?

Analyzing your expenses and learning to set aside money for an emergency takes planning. Let the Budget Coach work with you to develop a sound plan to protect you or your family in an emergency.

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Do you want to gain control of your spending?

The Budget Coach will help you to review where your hard earned money is spent and help to keep your daily, weekly and monthly spending on track.

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Help is on the way! get your home finances in shape!

The Budget Coach will provide you with clear budget tools and easy to follow monthly and annual reports. It’s time to meet with the coach!

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Call us today at 508-792-9087 to schedule your tax preparation.

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Compared to big guys, we produce very little amount of templates, but with fanatical focus on quality of both product and support.

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Some people need guidance with their financial goals. We can help!

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  • Are you prepared for a job loss?
  •  Want a simple, organized and personal budget to follow?
  •  Are you prepared for an emergency?
  •  Need a plan to reduce your credit debt?
  • Tired of being late paying your bills?
  •  Want to plan a clear course for your financial future?
  •  Need help in tracking your spending?
  •  Do you have a savings account?
  •  Do you have a cash reserve?

Customers Feedback

My Finance Affairs Were Terrible

Working with Mary Ellen was a pleasure. She immediately made me feel comfortable and validated. I never felt judged- just simply at ease in the comfort of her office. I felt that we did start off from ground zero since my finances were in extreme disarray. Yet her practical suggestions and humor provided me with encouragement and support.


Your Services Are Exactly What We Are Looking For!

The reason why she felt so comfortable with you is because you were so non-judgmental. She is embarrassed by the amount of debt she is in and thus she keeps her information on her finances very private.  Also you empowered her by making her feel in control of the process, something I am finding that is a necessary component for her willing to go along with this process.

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Mary Ellen Regele

Head Coach

Over 20 years experience successfully managing business and personal budgets


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Budget Coach Services




  • Meet to organize your personal budget
  • Feel secure with a solid plan
  • Monthly budget coaching
  • Plan now for tax liability, college, retirement and emergencies
  • Set up banking software & organize bill paying
  • Set up bill pay on sites

Call or contact us for my reasonable rates and information!

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